A New Kind of Politician

Cambridge City Councillor 2013-2017

Nadeem ran for office in Cambridge in 2013 in order to fight for affordable housing, arts funding, educational equity, job training, and greater engagement of disenfranchised communities. Through consistent community organizing and digital outreach, Nadeem became the highest vote getter in the 2015 elections. He also contributed 1/3 of the full time salary to community organizing personnel and kept true to his promise of self-imposed term limits. Nadeem advised and trained other candidates, some of whom serve on Cambridge City Council currently.

A digital creative agency.

Nimblebot works with global brands like PayPal, Revlon, and Samsung, educational institutions like Harvard, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and MIT, and social impact organizations like United Way and Interaction Institute for Social Change. Nimblebot offers a wide range of services from graphic design and layout, to video production and animation, to software/app design and development. Check out and feel free to livechat a representative from the Nimblebot home page.


(Justice Education Technology Policy Advocacy Center)

Nadeem founded Jetpac in 2015 with his deputy campaign manager Shaun Kennedy. Jetpac, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, trains groups underrepresented in elected office to community organize and run for office. Jetpac's training emphasis is on principles of ground organizing, altruistic service, and digital engagement. Visit for more information.


A makerspace for the masses.

Nadeem founded danger!awesome with Ali Mohammed in 2012. The facility existed as a walk-in fabrication shop, learning lab, and coworking space in Cambridge, MA between 2012 and 2017. While the danger!awesome space was absorbed by a hands-on highschool, the spirit of making lives on through the danger!awesome alumni who are all active in fabrication and maker education. Learn more at dangerawesome `{`dot`}` com.

Education and Pedagogy

Nadeem has been an instructor at the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship at Sloan School, MIT as well as faculty and Director of Entrepreneurship at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. In addition to directing the animation seen here, Nadeem has authored papers and directed educational minidocs on the topics of pedagogy, entrepreneurship, and hands-on learning. In particular, Nadeem likes to reflect on the successes and failures of technology enabled learning, hands-on education, and the maker movement.

Viral Media

Nadeem got his start directing an award-winning stop-motion music video for hit band OK Go with Ali Mohammad. Since then, he has had the honor of supporting or leading several other viral media campaigns for political, social justice, and commercial projects.

TV Stuff

Nadeem is invited to appear on network tv, radio, and local programs frequently to discuss a broad range of matters including: domestic politics, foreign policy, affordable housing, innovation, race, and community engagement.