Jill Stein Presents Global Climate Convergence

  Jill Stein comes to Nimblebot and talks to us about The Global Climate Convergence. The Global Climate Convergence for...

Ed Moriarty Presents The Saturday Thing

Ed Moriarty is an instructor at the Edgerton Center who believes anyone can be a maker, anyone can be an engineer,...

Deborah Ruhe Presents Just-a-Start

Just-A-Start envisions a world where everyone has a home, a job, a voice and a future. Just-A-Start (JAS) is a...

Elizabeth Schwab and Google Community Engagement

Elizabeth Schwab the head of Community Affairs & Public Policy Manager at Google describes their community engagement strategy.

Biogen Idec Returns to Cambridge

Biogen Idec helped create an industry that has touched countless lives. They were among the world’s first biotechnology companies, and...

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